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Lodging Guide for the Finding Bigfoot Festival, Willow Creek CA

LODGING Bigfoot Motel Right Downtown Willow Creek Esther Ong 39039 Highway 299, Willow Creek, CA 95573 Ph 530-629-2142 FBF DIRECTORY LISTING at>> Camp Kimtu will also be open for the event!   CAMP KIMTU Address: Six Rivers National Forest, 151 Kimtu Rd, Willow Creek, CA 95573 Phone: (530) 629-2136 FBF DIRECTORY LISTING at>> China Creek Cottages Marc and Londa Rowley PO Box 405, Willow Creek, CA 95573 Ph 530-629-3355 FBF DIRECTORY LISTING at>> Coho Cottages Marc and Londa Rowley PO Box 729, Willow Creek, CA 95573 Ph 530-629-4000 FBF DIRECTORY LISTING at>> Del Loma RV Park and Campground Patrick and Michelle McCalmont Route 1, Box 54, Big Bar, CA 96010 Ph 530-623-2834 FBF DIRECTORY LISTING at>> Klamath River Lodge…
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Finding Bigfoot Festival DIRECTORY

Welcome to the Finding Bigfoot Festival DIRECTORY! This Directory lists local Willow Creek Businesses and Services, especially those involved with the Finding Bigfoot Festival. Sponsors, Organizers, Volunteers. This Directory will help visitors to Willow Creek CA: "Bigfoot Capital of the World" for the "Finding Bigfoot Festival" 2hr Special Episode shoot for Animal Planet's hit TV show "Finding Bigfoot" Visit the main website: for all the activities at the festival.
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